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Product Softbank Sim Data

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Product Terms

With Sim and Poke Wifi the contract is 1 Year, if cancel in teh contract, ¥3.000 cancellation fee. If customer dont sent sim, all is ¥4.000 cancellation fee, if customer dont sent poke mifi, all is ¥6.000 device.

Notice Important

If sum bill sim (6 mont on 1 year) over 20 bill/every month, we will bonus 100¥/1 bill, ifu sim call 050, fee first add 2500.

Product Softbank Data
Packet Sim Data

Softbank 50GB

Monthly Fee : ¥3.500 yen

Product Softbank Data
Packet Sim Data

Softbank 100GB

Monthly Fee : ¥3.800 yen